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Add a footnote if this applies to your business


Cooking Classes

Learn Fundamentally To Prepare Cooked or Raw Quick, But Easy Dishes, Snacks And Dinners You Love, But Made With Natural Ingredients That Bring About Captivating Flavors That You Will Never Expect, That Even Children Will Love. Prices: $50 Per Person, Per 90 Minute   (Call To Schedule)

Tea Blending

Hand Soaked, Loose Leaf Teas. Prices: $5 Per Sac and Up Per 3  Ingredient  (Call To Schedule)


We Cater To Your Flavors and Taste Vegan Style. Prices: $10 (children 12 and under), $15 (Buffet) and $20 (Dinning) Per Plate/Person, Servers $20 Per Hour 4 Hour Minimum (Call To Schedule)


Juicing Classes

Learn Fundamentally, But Not Limited To, How To Cleanse, Boost Energy, Get Rid Of Weight, Build Muscle Tone Naturally and Began To Heal Your Body With Plant Based Juice Blends. Prices Range From $25 to $50 Per Person and Up Per 1 Hour Class (Call To Schedule) 

Yoga Classes

Learn Fundamentally, But Not Limited To, How To Eliminate Stress, Weight, High Blood Pressure, Ailments, As Well As Transform The Body With Consistent Yoga Science and Techniques That Positions You To Receive A Transformative You Without Individualized Boundaries Of Your Own Making In Your Thoughts, Emotions, Physical and Energy. Prices Range From $10 to $15 Daily and Up Per 90 Minute Class (Call To Schedule)

Meal Prep & Private Chef

We Can Create and DeLiver Your Weekly Meals and or Our Private Chef Can Prepare Your Weekly Meals Right In Your Kitchen. Prices Include: Meal Prep $126.17 Per 5 Meals Weekly, $172.17 Per 7 Meals Weekly, $10 DeLivery and Additional Meals: $15 Each 3 Item Plate or $20 Each 4 Item Plate. Private Chef $43.24 (sliding scale) and  $100 (regular) Per Hour With 2 Hour Minimum (Call To Schedule)

Our Founder

Awareness & Transitions

2003 Was A Natural Transition Into The Yogic Culture, That Manifested Transformative Methodologies, Techniques, Plant Based Consumption and Presently, The Study Of The Cosmos For Our Founder, Denise McMullen. It Was The Same Year She Became Involved In Daily Hatha Yoga Practices and That Science and Techniques Transformed Into Yoga Instructing In 2007 From The SPT Institute Of Wellness In Chicago. She founded and started JaDe Brokerage Services In 2004, Which Merged Into McMullen Industries Development & Rehab In 2013. McMullen Industries Is An Incorporation Of Three Generations Of Inherent Construction Skilled Tradesmen Originally Taught By Joseph McMullen (grandfather of our founder) and  Perpetuated with Each Generation Since 1952, With Denise McMullen Continuing The Family Construction Legacy Since 2013 To Present.

Product Development

2011 Birthed Creative Tea Cafe' & Gourmet DeLivery Out Of Our Founder's Vision To Expand Upon Her Inherent Gifts Of Creating Succulent Flavors, Unique Blends and Environments That Entices Your Willingness To Eat Consciously and Never Impulsively.  Our Made From Scratch Ingredient Blends Posse Properties That Rejuvenate Cellular Growth, Eradicate Ailment, Dysfunction and Disease When Only Consistent Plant Based Consumption Is Applied, Along With Other Natural Practices.


Our Made From Scratch Foods Are Created To Awaken You To Heal Thyself By Eating Of Only The Earth (Plant Based) From Our Vegan Cafe's. 

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